Biel 04.2024

Der Cobotic-Demonstrator "ChoCobot, ein amüsantes Projekt, welches FAD nebenbei gemeinsam mit der Swiss Smart Factory im Auftrag der Fernfachhochschule realisieren konnte.


Mensch und Roboter arbeiten kollaborativ. Der Roboterarm greift die gewählten Pralinen und füllt sie sorgfältig der Verpackung bei. Ein simples pick-to-light System leitet User anschliessend step by step durchs restliche packaging.


Der ChoCobot ist hauptsächlich im Swiss Cobotics Competence Center stationiert und geht zu Demonstrationszwecken teilweise auf Reisen. Nebst Schokolade sind selbstverständlich andere Szenarios denkbar. Dafür sorgt schwarzes MDF, teils furniert mit Nussbaum. Das verleiht der Station einen edlen Charakter und sorgt für ein ruhiges Erscheinungsbild.


Projektleiter:  Markus Goos & Michael Wendeling

Beteiligte:       S3C, FFHS, SSF, SICK, Schneider Electric, Steinegger AG, Mock AG 


Zuchwil 2020-21

Ein Redesign des Zerfalltestgerätes "Disi" für die Charles Ischi AG.
Nebst einem neuen Housing, galt es verbesserte Technologien einzubauen und dem/der Nutzer/in eine bequeme und übersichtliche Bedienung zu ermöglichen. Die Bedieneinheit wird auf dem Tisch oder am Gerätekopf positioniert und kann mehrere Tester gleichzeitig steuern.

Projektleiter: Christian Bur

Für den vorher und nachher Vergleich:


Grenchen 07.09.2022 - 05.04.2023

Kompletter Umbau eines Restaurants in Grenchen. Bauleitung gemeinsam mit Michael Storck.
Raumlayout, Design der Möbel, Lichtlayout, Montage ect.


Biel 03.02.2022

Derzeit produziert Fabio Aebischer Design gemeinsam mit Cargobeiz ein Küchenmodul auf einem Fahrradanhänger. Dieser wird bald auf dem Markt erhältlich sein.

Cargobeiz ist der autonome Marktstand - die rollende Bar - ein flexibles gastronomisches Modul, mit dem eine Vielzahn an Szenarien möglich sind. Dies im Innen- und im Aussenbereich.

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Biel 07.09.2021

At the Switzerland Innovation Park Biel is not a lot of time between the different projects in my part-time job. Nevertheless, I was once again able to immerse myself in the field of furniture.


Cement-bonded wood fiberboards were the starting point.

But why cement-bonded? Because the corridor serves as an escape route in case of fire and nothing must catch fire.


It was a challenge to realize the partition walls and furniture with the stone-like material. The design language of furniture and the look of the material should correspond with our new building. 


Biel 03.11.2020

Inspired by Futon beds. A reduced design and therefore a simple construction. The slatted frame integrated in a different way. 


Thirteen spruce logs, two aluminum tubes, four solid spruce legs, and four 3D printed covers. The screws are invisible. That's it!


Biel 27.12.2019

Koun is a unique and novel smoothiemaker.It is easy to store and saves a lot of space in the kitchen. 

It also eliminates packaging material in the sales area because its cup is made of strong chrome steel and all components fit in it.


Due to its construction it is not a disposable product.

That means it is repairable and therefore reduces waste.


With the corresponding app, Koun can be timed, so that the smoothie is ready in the morning when time is short. The app also includes a tracking service and makes regional and seasonal recipe suggestions for smoothies that you can share with your friends.



Egolzwil 29.08.2019

Table plug-in system created for the rental cook Benjamin Wicki. For special occasions it can be set up and ready for use in just 4 minutes.

An in-house developed connector system made of 3D printed parts. The stability is guaranteed with a clamping set.


Sursee 13.07.2019

A changing table for the bathtub with integrated waste bin and bowls for water or baby products.



Biel 10.07.2019

Giving the materials a second life for a comfortable armchair with style.

Project: EcoDesign competition 2019



Biel 24.06.2019

The rotor blades of wind turbines have to be replaced approximately every twenty years. This means a lot of material in search of a second life.


This is where Bladesign comes in. The company - founded by economics students - mediates between creative makers and wind power companies. This is how new innovative ideas emerge, which generate an upcycling product from the "waste".


Coorperation: Bladesign



Biel 01.03.2019

In the many cities of Europe, a great number of different cultures come together which makes integration and social networking a challenging task. The best way to connect people of different faith and descent are children. Children do not care about your skin colour or what language you speak. The most important thing for them is playing — adults could learn from that. The floor plan ensures barrier-free movement for people with reduced mobility and brings parents together effortlessly. What's more, the open design of the terrace allows for parents to interact with other parents while the children play in the hall below. 

A minimum entrance fee will be necessary. However, the indoor and outdoor playground should aim at different social classes and in case of a surplus, that money will help those who do not have enough. The playground will be the meeting point of many countries and religions. They will be represented by toys and come in the shapes of food, animals, famous sights or symbols typical of the respective countries and religions. That is how the different cultures are addressed, but what matters most is that you can play with everything and everybody!

Project: Bauhaus competition 2019


Biel 06.12.2018

The Palace in Biel/Bienne was rebuilt. Three backstage rooms of the Nebia Theatre are used as cloakroom and dressing room or as overnight accommodation for artists. Our special task was to develop a piece of furniture that is both a spacious dressing table and a comfortable bed. The challenge was to not only fulfil the purpose of the furniture in both conditions but also to make it clearly visible. 


Projektleiterin: Marynelle Débetaz

Cooperation:  Sylvie Kaspar

The bold mixture of fine plywood and sparse water pipes make the high-quality furniture appear in a playful space. The oblong holes and the indentations at the front of the tabletop make the bed optically lighter. The distance to the floor prevents the feet from bumping into the bed. The furniture is symmetrical. It does not matter which side is facing the wall and is folded up. It is also a lightweight construction. Therefore one person can lift the bed to the table. By pushing it to the right, the furniture snaps into place. A water lever as an eye-catcher ensures that the bed slides back. The bars serve in both states as a wardrobe for wigs, costumes, coats etc.